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About us

We are a team of passionate advanced IT technologists. Our combined experiences from different technological backgrounds give us immense abilities to conquer a lot of difficult IT challenges. We, as a team, constantly seek to fine tune our processes to make them work for our people in order to better meet the needs of our clients. We have taken offshoring to the next level. While most projects developed offshore fail woefully, we succeed brilliantly. That's solely because of the processes we have put in place to make projects go on smoothly while the team stays together regardless of geographical locations. How do we know our approach to solving offshoring issues work? Well, our 100 percent success rate speaks for itself.

Our core management and architectural teams live in the United States while the development team reside outside of the country. We work together as one global team to deliver compeling solutions for less than half the normal cost. Other people call us The Software Guys, we call ourselves NexTekk.

Our clients

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Our Team

Olawale Adeleye Chief Executive Officer

Olawale Adeleye is an alumnus of University of Lagos as well as University of Florida with a graduate degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering. He has since been a major contributor to the IT industry around the globe. His career has landed him opportunities and afforded him expertise in a wide span of technology areas ranging from Logistics and Transportation to IT consulting. As a consultant, he has had the privilege to work with the best brains in the industry pushing the limits of technology for international players like PricewaterhouseCoopers, and financial giants like Raymond James Financials. Olawale has brought into NexTekk, a wealth of years of industry experience, to make it a company that is technologically grounded and pragmatic in its practices.

Aduramigba SopejuChief Financial Officer

Adura is an Electrical Engineer by training with a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida Gainesville and also holds an MBA from the University of California Berkeley. Adura started his career at Goldman Sachs on Wall Street working in different Technology positions, managing and collaborating with teams over the world. At Goldman Sachs, he led a team of IT Engineers managing the company's global windows infrastructure. After his time at Goldman Sachs, he worked as a Senior Engineer at Microsoft Corporation, managing a very large scale environment with sites all over the globe. Over his career, Adura has worn various hats from facilitator, to trainer, to contributor and he brings to Nextekk a wealth of experience driving efficiencies in processes, change management and implementation of new technologies in high reliability, high availability environments.

Olugbenga AnubiChief Technology Officer

Dr. Moses Anubi is a renowned researcher with a creative mind. He graduated from the University of Lagos at the top of his class. He completed his doctoral work at the University of Florida, leaving the university with intellectual properties. His passion for research and innovative thinking has taken him to places like Hyundai Center of Excellence for Vehicle Dynamics and Control, at the University of California in Davis and General Electric research center in New York where his contributions to the field of engineering and technology have been greatly applauded. Dr. Anubi has brought into NexTekk, the power to innovate and the will to forge the path of excellence.

Oluwatosin Adeladan Chief Innovations and Product Officer

Dr. Oluwatosin Adeladan serves as Chief Innovations and Product officer at NexTekk. With over 10 years of experience in academic research and IT development, he works with customers to develop products and solutions that can help them meet their business goals.

Before joining NexTekk, he worked as a researcher at the Wireless Information and Networking Group(WING) at the University of Florida and as a senior developer specializing in building and maintaining applications for a company in the healthcare industry.

Oluwatosin has a BSc. from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and both an MSc. and a PhD from the University of Florida.

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