"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
- Benjamin Franklin

What we offer

Classroom-Based Training

Let's setup a targeted training for your team to master certain technologies.

Mentoring Program

We don't mind. We will bring your developers to develop alongside with us if you so wish.


.NET, Node.js, Python, Java, Angular, React, Vue.js, MSSQL, Oracle, CosmosDB, ElasticSearch, Redis

Team-Based Training Environment

Your room, your rule. We will bring the training that you need to where you are. No need to deal with pre-recorded training videos; we will work through different scenarios until your team is confident in the chosen technology.

Experienced Instructors

Experience does count. Our instructors have years of experience ranging anywhere from transportation and logistics to banking; from startup to fortune 500 companies. In the course of our different IT journeys, we have learned and are still learning tips and tricks that are worth sharing with teams across the globe. We have packaged all these experiences into products that are guaranteed to meet the need of your team.

Our trainers are more than just instructors; they are still very much hands-on everyday. On a daily basis they still provide real-life solutions to real-life problems with real-life tools and equipment. Therefore, your team can rest assured that their training at NexTekk goes beyond theories with no real-life applications. To the contrary, NexTekk will afford them the opportunity to provide industry standard solutions to real-life problems.

Tailored Courses

Our courses are designed per need basis. We will meet you exactly where you are technically.


Patterns and Practices

Programming Design Patterns
100% Complete
Architecture Design Patterns
100% Complete
Best Practices for Scalable Apps
100% Complete

Software Development Courses

Efficient Web Development
100% Complete
Single Page App Development
100% Complete
Distributed Systems
100% Complete
Mobile App Development
100% Complete

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